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I provide development and design services for quality mobile apps.

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Who I Am

I'm Adam King, a Toronto-based mobile application developer who's passionate about building robust, breathtakingly fluid apps that delight users in their capabilities. "Mitochrome" and most of this website are a sort of placeholder in case I decide to hire employees in the future.

What I Do

User Interface Design

A beautiful user interface is the first experience a user will have of your app. I’ll make your app gorgeous, easy to use and navigable with intuitive gestures and animations. My expertise in code allows me to create particularly charming effects.


While a good visual design makes your app’s first impression, great code design empowers your users and enables your app to scale as it gains users. Whether you're looking for an e-commerce app or a social network, I can make your idea reality.


Your app’s unique identity is key to a memorable user experience. Working closely together, we’ll choose colors and a design scheme that suit your app’s purpose and the personality of its users. If you have an existing brand I'll be happy to incorporate it instead.


A website or landing page provides a more polished introduction to your app than the App Store can. I’ll design one as beautiful as the app itself and show users what’s unique about your app.


As your app advances beyond v1.0, understanding who your users are and how they use it is crucial. I can collect data on user demographics, app usage frequencies and durations, purchases and even custom-designed indicators of success that are specific to your app. I can also run A/B tests to try out variations of your app on different groups of users.


Once your app is released, you’ll have the peace of mind of continued support. I stick around to make sure any bugs that are uncovered get fixed and any servers your app relies on remain in good standing.

My Process

Watch Your App Grow

As early as two weeks into development, you’ll begin receiving pre-release builds of your app to try out on your own device. See anything you don’t like? Shake your device and you’ll be able to send me a message or even take a screenshot and circle the area in question. I'll work closely with you to meet your app’s goals with only pleasant surprises.

Part of Your Team

Your success is our common goal. Far from disappearing after project completion, I continue to support your app with bug fixes and server maintenance. I also use custom user analytics to figure out how to grow your app’s user base. And when you’re ready to move beyond v1.0, I’ll be there.

No Contractual Lock-in

Quality work inspires loyality. I know I’ll like my work, which is why I don’t ask for long-term contracts or large upfront deposits. That also encourages me to keep on schedule and uphold the highest quality of work through the entire project.

You’ll receive the value guarantee of a fixed estimate with the flexibility of an hourly rate. I can also divide the work into phases so you won’t need to commit to more than a small piece at a time.